What’s your biggest weakness? How to answer THAT question!

One question that you are almost guaranteed to be asked in a job interview is “What’s your biggest weakness?” Don’t let it be answering that question!

Here are our tips on how to prepare for this question: 

It’s OK to have weaknesses! It’s fine to have weaknesses and we all have them! Just be honest and explain how you’ve overcome them or what you’re doing to work towards it. 

Make sure that you can answer the question!  Saying that you can’t think of a weakness is actually very negative; it can give off the impression that you think you are perfect which is not a good trait.

Don’t say ‘I find it hard to delegate’ or ‘I work really long hours’. A lot of candidates give these two examples as weaknesses, thinking that deep down the interviewer will think it is a positive. Neither of these are positives in our eyes.

Make it relevant. Whatever the weakness, always make it relevant to the role, company and industry that you are interviewing for. This will give it some context. 

Keep it short. If it only takes a short sentence to explain your weakness and how you’ve dealt with it, leave it at that. Don’t over talk your answer. Be clear and concise.

Still can’t think of an example to use? If you’re good at taking criticism then ask someone you trust at work what they think your weaknesses are (but be ready to take it on the chin). If you’re not good at taking criticism then hey-presto, here’s your weakness!

Still not sure how you would answer this question? We can help: hello@ilovemyjob.co.uk. GOOD LUCK!

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