I Love My Job is a London based recruitment company, who are proud to work with a growing number of loyal clients who share our values.

The aim of the company is simple; to help as many people as possible find the right role for them so they can say ‘I Love My Job’.

Our core values


We are an honest, hardworking company that really cares about the candidates and clients that we work with.


We have a print in our office which says ‘WORK HARD AND BE KIND TO PEOPLE’ – a simple message but an important value that we all uphold.


We understand the importance of being flexible, going beyond the realms of a usual agency and we are very proud to do so.


We’re open with each other and everyone we work with. We expect this from our clients and candidates too. It’s the only way we know.


We are trusted by our clients and candidates; we couldn’t operate if we weren’t. Confidentially, integrity and trust are all key to doing this job well.


Everyone deserves a fair chance, we strongly believe this. We know how easily people are judged so we do our best to ensure everyone is treated equally and fairly.