First impressions are important, make them count!

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Apparently, it only takes 7 seconds for people to make their minds up about you, so here are our top 5 things to think about to help make every second count.

1. Timing is important. Plan your journey the day before and allow lots of time on the day. Getting to the area early will keep you relaxed, you can always find a local coffee shop if you’re really ahead of time (but watch the coffee breath!). Arrive at the company 5-10 minutes early (no more than 10 minutes!).

2. The power is in your hand (shake). Your handshake can say a lot. It might sound silly, but grab a friend you trust and practice with them. A limp or over-confident handshake can really put people off, so it’s more important than you might think.

3. Your general appearance. Good posture and remembering to smile can show your interviewer that you’re confident and friendly. Make sure that you dress appropriately for the company – we can advise you on this if we’ve arranged your interview. Also remember; clean shoes, clean nails, no chipped nail varnish and don’t overdo your perfume/aftershave!

4. Be enthusiastic. Be enthusiastic; not to Butlins Redcoat level, but enough to show that you are excited about the opportunity. A lack of enthusiasm is not what any company/interview is looking for.

5. Do your research. Make sure you know the company and the role well, so you can bring this into your conversation. Think about why you are interested in the role and why you want to work there. And make sure you have some questions ready for them too. Read our tips on this subject here.

And finally… Be yourself! If you’re genuine they will want to hire you for you.

 Got a few more questions? If your interview is with one of our clients, we can help! Get in touch for peace of mind: Good luck!


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