Dress to impress: What to wear to an interview

More and more workplaces are moving away from smart business dress and opting for smart casual. This is all well and good once you’ve got the job, but it can sometimes leave candidates confused about what to wear for interview, particularly in a creative company.

Here are our tips for getting this right:

1. Make an effort. Companies like you to look like you have made an effort them and remember that first impressions count. It’s better to be too smart than too casual, so always air on the smart side.

2. ‘Smart’ no longer means a suit. The suit used to be the standard go-to for interviews, but this isn’t the case for creative industries, which can often make it difficult to decide what to wear. If you feel more confident in a suit then go for it, but they won’t judge you if you go for a less corporate option, as long as you’re smart.

3. The full package. Clothes say a lot about a person, but it’s important to remember that it isn’t just what you are wearing that make your vital first impression. It sounds simple, but make sure you have clean hair, have given your shoes a shine and you’re then the most well presented of yourself! 

4. Jeans or no jeans? If you’re opting for jeans, make sure they are black, not faded and without rips. Always go for a smarter top and shoes if you are decide on jeans, so they can see you’ve made an effort.

5. Avoid trainers. Unless you’re interviewing for a role as a Personal Trainer, we’d advise avoiding trainers. Save showing off your favourite kicks until you’ve got the job and you’re comfortable with the company’s dress code.

6. You know best! Most importantly, make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you decide to wear. If you feel more confident in a suit then wear it, you know best!

Good luck!

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