Controlling your nerves: Our top tips for winning at interviews

Feeling nervous is normal. Nothing we can do or say will totally stop your nerves (and we wouldn’t want to!) but the list below will definitely help you control them…

1. Be prepared – totally understand the role and company. The chances are that the first question will be ‘what do you understand the role to be?’ and the second might be ‘why do you want to work for this company?’ – make sure you can nail these!

2. Know exactly where you are going. Take a look at Google maps the day before. Drag that little yellow man to your interview location to see it on street view and you’ll even be able to take a look at the building, so you know exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Get there early. There’s nothing worse than the feeling you’re lost or going to be late. Get there early and grab a drink. Remember that first impressions count, so make the most of them.

4. Breathe. If nerves get the better of you or you lose your train of thought mid-sentence, just take a minute. Have a drink of water, gather your thoughts and tell the interviewer you’re a little nervous. This is not a bad thing and can actually show the interviewer that you really want the job.

5. Be yourself. Be honest and show them why you’re right for the company and the job. If we’ve arranged the interview for you, we know you’ll be a great fit for them, so just relax and be yourself. Remember that the interview is just as much about you deciding they are right for you.

6. Nerves vs excitement. They are very similar feelings. You don’t worry if you feel excited do you? Try and channel your nerves into excitement for the role. Also, remember interviewers feel nervous too.

7. They want you to get the job. If you start feeling nervous or have a moment of self-doubt, just remember that they want you to get the job, as much as you do. They like what they’ve seen on paper and the interview is just a chance to be yourself and see whether it is a good fit for both of you.

8. What’s the worst that can happen? OK, so you don’t get the job. Every interview you go to is perfect practice for the next and if that role or company wasn’t the one for you, then we’ll soon find the one that is.

Still not feeling confident? Take a look at some of our other useful tips here. Or if we’ve arranged your interview, give us a call. GOOD LUCK.

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