5 things not to ask at the end of your interview!

You’ve smashed the job interview and can see yourself fitting into the team perfectly, so now comes their final question; ‘Have you got any questions for us?’

Sounds innocent, doesn’t it? It’s not! Many a job offer has been lost at this final moment, so steer clear of the below…

1. What does your company do?

It sounds simple, but you should already know this and why it’s the right fit for you. You should know their company and the role you are interviewing for like the back of your hand; this question shows a lack of preparation and a lack of desire to work for the business.

2. Can I work from home? 

Asking now can raise concerns; it’s a valid question but not for the first interview stage; keep this for when the company wants you and you are in a better position to negotiate!

3. What is your sick pay policy? 

It is surprising how many people ask this at interview stage. Do we even need to explain why this is a big no-no?

4. How often do you promote people?

You’re applying for a particular role, as advertised, so asking a question so early on about promotions could give your interviewer the impression that you’re not committed to the position available and using it as a way to progress quickly.

5. What is the salary for this position?

Really, you shouldn’t even confirm your interest in a position without knowing the salary. There is nothing more frustrating for a company than getting to the end of the interview, thinking they have found ‘the one’ and then finding out that your salary is above budget. A waste of time for everyone. Get this confirmed by the company or recruiter before you confirm you would like to be considered.

Ps. ‘Do you have a toaster?’ is not a good question either!

Yes, believe it or not, we’ve heard it all! Remember that your interview time is precious and should be used to expand on your skills, experience and why you are right for them. Leave the small things (like toasters and coffee brand) to your induction.

Still stuck for questions? Take a look over the job description and think about what you could bring to the role/ company and ask questions that reflects that. What would you like to know about the company before deciding whether it is the place for you? Take a look at their most recent work, read their blog if they have one and head over to their Twitter and/or Instagram for inspiration. Good luck! We’re here to help if you need us: hello@ilovemyjob.co.uk


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